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TechDel develops highly integrated oil and gas software solutions that incorporate upstream, middle, and downstream operations activities in a single platform. At TechDel, we build custom software for the oil and gas industry so that you can regulate all your tasks from a single control unit, keep track of your business, and improve efficiency through necessary optimization.

We specialize in modern IT technology and custom software for the oil and gas industry, offering end-to-end digital solutions to address business difficulties. Our expertise in oil and gas software development and intelligent solutions enable industry players to ensure continuity and make better decisions.




Why should you work with us to create your next Oil & Gas software solution?

At TechDel, we apply our knowledge and best practises in next-generation software development for the oil and gas industry. We can help you optimise procedures and ensure that the final product is of excellent quality, personalising the solution to your individual business needs while following to specialty requirements. To stay up with the ever-increasing competition, our software development professionals will solve management, security, and quality assurance issues. We, at TechDel, focus on the major technology difficulties that businesses face and provide cutting-edge solutions to meet their organizational needs. With our unique oil and gas software solutions and services, we seek to make the process of modernising legacy software applications easier for our customers. Major oil and gas companies have increasingly gained efficiency by leveraging our software services for automation and workforce management.

Our Services

 We create custom software services for the Oil & Gas industry to help you manage all your tasks from a single dashboard, boost productivity through essential optimization.

Pipeline Management Systems

 We develop sensitive and informative solutions that offer correct data and allow for effective management at all stages of the manufacturing process.

Contract Management Solutions

 Provide easy-to-use solutions to your legal and procurement teams to support effective contract operations, from automated document generation to deal closing.

Transportation Management Software Development

Streamline workflows and improve the speed and quality of final product delivery by integrating distribution operations and transaction management into a single software system.

Oil & Gas Analytics

TechDel systems integrate analytical tools with the company’s existing IT infrastructure to deliver valuable insights into operational efficiency and overall performance.

Risk Management Software Development

We assist businesses in identifying potential dangers and areas for improvement, as well as avoiding unnecessary costs.

Oil Level Control Software Development

TechDel technologies develop software that is both comprehensive and simple to use in conjunction with oil level monitoring systems. 

Software Development for O&G Equipment Maintenance

Our experts utilise and provide automatic software that collects data from hydrometers, flow controllers, and tank radars, making it easy for analysing the data.

Oil and Gas IT Challenges

If you are also facing these challenges while the adoption and use of technology in Oil & Gas industry, we are here to assist you.

Increasing visibility into complicated operations.

 When you factor in things like volatile market prices, fluctuating demand, complex compliance and regulatory systems, projects comprising various third-party suppliers, and a workforce with widely varying education and skill levels, it’s evident that oil and gas companies operate some of the most complicated businesses. TechDel assists firms in managing risks, minimising expenses, and optimising employee performance. TechDel helps Oil and gas industries for better insight into their operations to manage threats.

Collaboration with oil field services to enhance Logistics

Even the biggest oil companies must rely on third-party suppliers for specialized equipment and knowledge in various sectors of the oil and gas supply chain.   In addition, inadequate collaboration and communication can cause projects to be delayed and inefficient. TechDel works more efficiently by utilizing cloud-based collaboration systems such as an Energy CRM solution, which allows them to share precise planning and forecasting information.

Establish a link between better asset management and execution excellence.

It is difficult to be operationally excellent if you do not have adequate equipment. Well designed, maintained, and managed assets ensure smooth and efficient operations. TechDel provides successful asset management with IoT devices, including planned maintenance, remote equipment monitoring, and business process automation.

Consider' metrics' as a key indicator of productivity.

 Why is it so important to have the correct measurements in a complex industry like oil and gas? The metrics direct your way to accurately gaining the proper insights and visibility into the operations, which in turn drives management’s behaviours and decision-making processes. TechDel plans daily on-field itineraries using Weather Viewer weather metrics, and views project portfolios and dashboards in the appropriate Project Workspace.

First page visibility for explosive results.

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