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TechDel is a seasoned education software development firm that works with companies of all sizes and locations to create a sustainable educational environment. Our skilled staff assists in the development of functionality that provides value to customers, ranging from simple eLearning portals to comprehensive administrative tools. To monitor student performance in real-time and manage operational procedures, the bespoke platforms may be equipped with analytics and automation features. Advanced assessment, reporting, and data management are made easier with such technologies. We use a number of digital apps to assist educational institutions and companies enhance their teaching effectiveness and learning results. 

Why should you select Techdel Education Software Company?

We create feature-rich, interactive bespoke educational software with the goal of delivering instructional information to the end-user in a simple manner. Smartphones provide us instant access to information and people from anywhere in the world at the touch of a button. This is also achievable without a network connection if the app is well-developed. All of that power is portable as well, resulting in learning that extends beyond the classroom. 

 For educational institutes, education content developers, and students, our team of educational software development professionals develops e-learning solutions that transform the direction of learning. Using web applications and mobile apps, our e-learning solutions enable higher education institutions to deliver offline learning to a geographically dispersed student population.Techdel’s market-leading range of content services solutions enables institutions to use the data in their existing technology stacks to provide a comprehensive picture of the student record to their employees.

Our Edtech Services

We guarantee that we will produce solutions that will satisfy your unique needs in the most efficient manner possible. Create e-learning and instructional software that is scalable.

Learning Management System Development

Techdel’s educational software development services assist you in creating unique learning management systems that are feature-rich and dynamic (LMS).

School Management Software Development

 Techdel assists in the development of custom school administration software solutions to meet the specific demands of your educational institution.

Education Software Development

Empower your company with an educational platform and online courses to become a trustworthy source of up-to-date knowledge and new talents.


Software for Corporate Training

 For developing online training and skill enhancement educational software, Techdel supplies you with a qualified and devoted development team.

Virtual Reality Educational Solution

Using fun virtual reality technologies, TechDel provides students with an engaging learning experience and assists your company in developing a unique eLearning app.

E-learning Platforms

We assist you in developing scalable eLearning online and mobile platforms that allow students and staff to tailor their learning experiences.

Mobile and Web apps

We assist your firm with eLearning web and app development, from mobile eLearning app development to custom educational apps.

The Current State of things

If you are also facing these challenges while the adoption and use of education technology, we are here to assist you.

Low Usage and Retention

Traditional business models still need follow-up deals and upsales. The
lack of usage undermines trust towards edtech products and presents a
challenge you must overcome to build a sustainable business. Techdel assists your firm in increasing user engagement, improving user experience, personalized education, gamify app and much more.

Global Expansion Costs

Global costs is one of the major challenges among fast-growing edtech startups. Data protection, currency stability, and risky partnerships are other hurdles for edtech globalization. Techdel offers cost reducing partnerships and affordable digital solutions for your firm.

Security Concerns

In the last 12 months, cyber assaults or breaches have been discovered in primary schools, secondary schools, and higher education institutions. Techdel has built a reputation for data protection and security over the years. So, you can stay assured as your data is safe with us.

Change Resistance

Many colleges and institutions are wary about technological advancements, which could lead to an increased level of quality and efficiency in teaching. Techdel  will assist your firm with their expertise and provides customized e-learning solutions.


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